Buried deep within the Federal Lobbying Disclosure filings, lies a rich set of business intelligence that, when uncovered, reveals valuable insight into the industry and practice of Government Relations.

Now it’s easy to…

Monitor Influence

What is Lobbytrac Dashboards?

Lobbytrac Dashboards is a cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) tool that enables the discovery, analysis and daily monitoring of lobbying influence exerted at the federal level. Developed for lobbyists, associations, non-profits and corporate government affairs professionals, our custom lobbying analytics platform uses interactive charts, graphs and data rich tables to synthesize the tremendous volume of filed lobbying report data. It delivers a clear picture of the efforts of your clients, competitors or coalition partners to affect policies relevant to their concerns.

Designed for effective and effortless government affairs monitoring

Quick, insightful & simple to use, our visual dashboards are easily accessed through a web browser or mobile device and are focused to monitor your specific interests.  Our technology has been developed to mine current and historical lobbying data and present it in a way that provides context to help identify and understand policy influence activity. 

Maximum insight delivered through multi-dimensional visualizations

More than just simple lists, Lobbytrac Dashboard’s visual, interactive charts and key performance indicators (KPIs) create a clear picture of influence activity. Using illustrative, multiple-data point graphs on one screen, it’s easy to identify and monitor the players and the trends involved in policy influence.

Discover • Monitor • Interpret

The purpose of our dashboards, is to give professionals responsible for government relations, a powerful, easy-to-use, technology-based tool to rapidly monitor relevant and critical lobbying information at a glance, while providing sufficient detail for context and analysis. This synthesis of data is crucial in comprehending the federal government affairs environment that your interests operate in.

For Lobbyists

Help your firm proactively analyze and monitor competitive firms and your client’s issues. Demonstrate the value that your firm provides by including charts, graphs & data, extracted from LobbyTrac Dashboards, in client reports.

For Associations & Nonprofits

Provide leadership with actionable intelligence to monitor influence activity in your area of interest. Help to identify coalition partners and/or opposition and their level of engagement on issues pertinent to your organization.

For Corporate Gov. Affairs

Enable corporate government affairs professionals to visualize and track in-house and outsourced lobbying, as well as the efforts of competitors or business partners. Monitor lobbying influence and gain insight into the issues and entities that affect your business.

A different view of policy influence

Lobbytrac Dashboards transforms the way you think about lobbying disclosure filings, turning mountains of data into operational intelligence.

Track Specific Issue Lobbying Activity

Monitor Your Coalition, Competition or Opposition

Discover New Business Opportunities

More cool things about Lobbytrac Dashboards

No Long Term Contracts

Monthly billing of your account is affordable and keeps you flexible.

Fast & Easy To Access

A wealth of data accessible from a bookmark in your browser.

No Hardware/Software Setup

Cloud based. No special hardware or software installations.

Data Exports

Easy data downloads in XLSX, PDF, HTML, CSV formats.

Schedule Email Reports

Reports delivered to your inbox daily, weekly or monthly.

Freshly Brewed Data

Updated daily when new federal lobbying reports are submitted.

Dashboard Sharing

Share reports with stakeholders, management and clients.

Mobile Friendly

Access from your mobile device over WiFi or cellular data.

Let’s get you started!

For as little as $79.99/mo. you can start monitoring lobbying influence to increase your government affairs insight.